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This is our journey to adoption


Hello family, friends, and expectant parents!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read our story. It is important to both of us that we include our family and friends throughout our journey to adopt - keeping you all updated and giving you the opportunity to join us on this beautiful and hope-filled adventure. 


Through this website, we are hoping to find expectant parents that choose us to adopt their child. Please pass this website along to family and friends so that our story can be told and our family can be complete. Your visit to our website increases the hope that we have in our hearts to be adoptive parents one day.


We are confident that God will place this website into the hands of the perfect birth parents seeking adoptive parents like us! 


Again, thank you for reading our story, supporting our journey, and passing along our website. 


Love, Eric & Lauren

This is our journey to adoption....

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